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NightEnLight is proudly an official Mastered For iTunes (MFiT) Provider.
Constantine Vas is Sound designer / Mix & mastering engineer.

Mastered For iTunes is an initiative put in place by Apple to provide the highest quality version of your music when downloaded from the iTunes store, or streamed from Apple Music and Apple Radio. By following recommended guidelines and additional tests of your music, during the mastering phase, the best result for the consumer of your music (fans) is provided for. Only a mastering studio (and it's associated engineer) that have been granted this status by Apple are placed on the White List of Official MFiT Providers. This list is available to record labels and the like.

NightEnLight is a composer of production music. All my music is instrumental. Resolution: 24 Bit, Sample Rate: 44100. High precision internal summing (64 Bit)
Available edits: 15 sec, 30 sec or 60 sec.
Full length: 1 min, 2 min, 3 min, 4 min, 5 min, 6 min, 7 min or 8 min.


All music is Youtube-safe meaning it will not trigger copyright claim warnings on the Youtube videos if my music is used in Youtube video. This means my music is not in the Youtube ContentID database.


I Dorian (Durus)

II Hypodorian  (Mollis)

III Phrygian  (Mollis)

IV Hypophrygian  (Durus)

V Lydian  (Mollis)

VI Hypolydian (Mollis)

VII  Mixolydian (Durus)

VIII Hypomixolydian (Durus)

I    Pious, religious, modest

Mood - Happy, taming the passions

II   Happy, strolling, dancing

Mood - Sad, serious and tearful

III  Tearful, mourning, sad

Mood - Mystic, vehement, inciting anger

IV  Groaning, sad, funereal

Mood - Harmonious, inciting delights, tempering fierceness

V   Heroic, wandering, cheerful

Mood - Merry, happy

VI  Warlike, rousing, glorious

Mood - Devout, tearful and pious

VII Somewhat sad, mournful, delightful

(Espinoza describes it as “uniting pleasure and sadness”)
Mood - Pleasure and sadness

VIII Cheerful, wandering, beautiful

Mood - Perfect, cheerful, very happy

Each mode or tonality has also always had a “meaning”; in the Middle Ages: 
“Character” of the Eight Church Modes  according to Guido of Arezzo (995–1050), Adam of Fulda (1445–1505), and Juan de Espinosa Medrano (1632–1688)




I Dorian (Durus)
II Hypodorian  (Mollis)
III Phrygian  (Mollis)
IV Hypophrygian  (Durus)
V Lydian  (Mollis)
VI Hypolydian (Mollis)
VII  Mixolydian (Durus)
VIII Hypomixolydian (Durus)


any feeling
of youth
of knowledge

happy, taming the passions
serious and tearful
inciting anger 
inciting delights, tempering fierceness
tearful and pious 
uniting pleasure and sadness 
very happy

The first is serious,

the second is sad,

the third is mystic,

the fourth is harmonious,

the fifth makes happy,

the sixth is devout,

the seventh angelical,

and the eighth is perfect.


– Guido of Arezzo (c. 990-1050)

The first mode lends to any feeling,

the second is suitable for the sad things,

the third is vehement,

the fourth has tender effects,

the fifth is fitting for those who are happy,

the sixth for those of proven piety,

the seventh belongs to the youth,

the eighth one to the knowledge .


– Adam of Fulda (c.1445-1505)